The Echo Society presents:

The Echo Society (501(c) non profit) is a Los Angeles-based collective of like-minded composers, musicians, and artists who gather to inspire and enrich the community. By highlighting new work commissioned from the diverse community of local artists, inviting special guests from around the world, and presenting art in unpredictable formats, The Echo Society seeks to expand the horizons and interconnectedness of the Los Angeles Arts community and is emerging as an important and essential innovator.

FeelHarmonic is the first community-based outreach program being launched under its umbrella. 

My name is Brendan Angelides. I write music under the name "Eskmo" and I am one of the founding members of The Echo Society. I've been lucky enough for the past number of years to be able to focus on my own creative passions and I feel this is such a wonderful way to give back. 

The first presentation we did in San Diego at the Lafayette Elementary in 2015 school left me speechless and so genuinely touched. I am committed to collaborating with creatives in all fields to develop content for FeelHarmonic and to bring this hands-on experience to more communities.  

I reached out to SubPac who have created a Tactile Bass system that allows people to feel the physical dimension of sound, and asked them to be a part. They are involved with other deaf projects like Maria Batile's Muse Seek project and FeelHarmonic fit perfectly into some of the work they are doing. They have been tremendous in their generosity and are currently helping us by providing packs for the events and outreach. 

The first animation video was done by Bemo and Cropmotion. We plan on having a number of animators involved in the various projects and were super grateful to have these guys help be a part of the launch. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.47.07 PM.png

Anaismoods has created the FeelHarmonic sound-bear logo. She has also created the beautiful hand drawn cards that have been given out to the kids at the events.